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It is the most beautiful oil core electric skillet which helps to heat up the skillet quickly and evenly making the cooking period shorter.Also have 5 year extended warranty of electrical components. Best for Waterless, Greaseless Cooking.

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Precise Heat Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet Review

Perfect Oil Core Skillet for your kitchen

Among all the general designed skillets Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet caught my eyes. Not only for its unique design but this skillet is also the top favorite of oil core skillet for Wok lovers. From the world renowned skillet manufacturer Precise this is an excellent skillet that is currently leading the US skillet market. I have found lots of great detailed reviews of this skillet and thought of compiling all of them in a single review. If you are excited about this oil core skillet as I am let’s get

Precise Stainless steel oil core skillet

The main reason to choose an oil core skillet is that it is high versatility. Because of such options you can fry, roast, broil and braise your meal using this one skillet. These skillet heats up quickly and puts a touch of elegance in your cookware. Another reason for many people opting for oil core skillet over the electric ones is that they have a distinctive design which most of the electric ones lack in general. Here are two of the most popular reasons why many people are choosing Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet over popular electric skillets.

  • This Precise skillet is made up of surgical quality stainless steel which is highly rust and corrosion protection. Not only are that as a common feature such skillets well renowned for their highly polished layer and high longevity as well.
  • Oil core functionality is the second reason why this skillet is highly popular among skillet shoppers. Oil core means that this skillet has been designed using a layer of liquid silicon oil that is injected within the outer and inner layer of the skillet with precision. This layer of silicon oil helps to heat up the skillet quickly and evenly, as a result making your cooking more efficient. Because of this layer the inner heat of the skillet stays longer than any other general stainless steel skillets electric.

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Features of Precise Heat 3-1/2-Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet

This 18 by 14 inch, 14 pound oil core skillet has some magnificent features which makes it a unique skillet in the market. Here are some of the features which I have found to be highly useful to the cooks who loves perfection

  • The oil core helps to heat up the skillet quickly and evenly making the cooking period shorter.
  • Equipped stay cool handles and knobs makes usability of this skillet easier
  • The main element of this skillet is the surgical stainless steel which is highly beneficial for grease less cooking. If you more into cooking a juicy meal this skillet is for you.
  • Extended 5 years product warranty on electric component makes using the skillet more comfortable.

Pros and cons of 1/2-Quart Surgical Precise Heat skillet

I have gone through a lot of websites and forums to find out what customers have to say about this oil core electric skillet. By reviewing almost 40 user reviews I have found some of very positive and also some negative points of this skillet.


  • Most beautiful oil core electric skillet in the market
  • Best quality oil core skillet in the market


  • Difficult to use than a normal skillet. As this skillet is made of oil core rather than general steel based heating cores. So it is always recommended to read the skillet manual before using it for the first time

Customer review on 1/2-Quart Surgical Precise Heat

This 12¼ skillet has some of the most impressive customer reviews in the market. By the time I am reading thisPrecise Heat Quart Surgical Stainless-Steel Oil Core Skillet 3 review this skillet has got 43 customer reviews and 28 of them rated at 5 out of 5 on Amazon rating. In total this skillet has been rated 4.2 out of 5 which puts this skillet on the top its category. After reading half of the reviews posted on by the people who have bought this skillet from, here are some of the reviews which I have found pretty helpful in making the decision of buying this oil core skillet.

“A great versatile oil core skillet. You can cook all sorts of meal by this single skillet”-Lee

“A heavy duty skillet. Cleaning and cooking has become easier than ever”-Cheri Harmon

“Learning to cook with it seemed difficult at first. Now it has become a breeze. Best electric cookware in the market”-Wayne Hoover

Beside this highly positive review I have also found some reviews where they have mentioned some of the not-so-good sides of this oil core electric skillet. Some of the customers have said that they have found grease marks on the inner bottom of the skillet which was really hard to get rid of. They used hot water to scrub the stain off. Another group of customer complained that they have found the usability of the heater knob difficult than normal skillets. In later discussion they have strongly suggested to read the manual thoroughly before using the skillet.

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Every skillet that I have found or brought from the market has good sides and bad sides. I am sure that you will also agree with me that there is no product in the market which does not have in flaws only positive sides. But for this oil core skillet the positive features of this skillet seem to be much more useful and attention grabbing then its negative sides. Most of the reviews of this fine oil core electric skillet which I have found all through the internet was highly positive. Another major point is that most of the current users of this stainless steel electric skillets, highly recommended this cookware to others as the most versatile skillet and a top of its class.






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